Are you ready ??????

Welcome on our website, you could find all the information you needs about ITER Games activities.

The associations of ITER Games are happy to invite you for the “Back in the Games” edition , with the active support of ITER Organization, Agence ITER France – CEA, and the cities of Vinon sur Verdon and St Paul lez Durance.

Did you train during these two years??

We’ll see it on Vinon-sur-Verdon Saturday 10th September…

In few words:

The meeting place is on the central place of Vinon sur Verdon from 8h30 am.

For your comfort and those of Vinon residents, for our planet… please think carpooling

By your registration, you are attesting your medical fitness for the games you registered on. 

Make sure when you register that you are physically able to perform all activities you are registered on and have no medical concerns.

A safety rescuers team in on site in case of accident or injuries.

Children are under your responsibility, you cannot let your child on the kid village and leave him for doing another activity.

The lunch buffet will open at 11h45 during 2 hours, it will be more appreciate for everyone if the lunch time is fluid, so thanks in advance for your patience and enjoy the day, you could eat from 11h45, you will have time…

Thanks for resting your plates as soon as you have finished for more fluidity.

See you at ITER Games.